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Hi, my name is Ignacio Florez. I’m a peruvian motion graphics designer currently based on Vancouver – Canada. I believe that storytelling and design can change the world.

I’ve been working on motion graphics since 2012 in different jobs and as a freelancer, mainly for non-profit organizations.

I started working with motion graphics while I was finishing my bachelor’s degree on Audiovisual Communications at the PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru). As I worked on advertisement and television I kept working as a motion graphics freelancer on the side. In 2015 I made the decision to move to Canada and continue my studies at Vancouver Film School.


Ignacio Florez

Ignacio Florez

Motion Graphics Designer

I continue to build my skills towards better storytelling and problem solving. There’s a technique and approximation for each issue or client need.

Awards & Honours

From along the way

Generarock 2011 – “Best music video”
Project: “Sombras en la oscuridad”
Role: Director / editor

Premios Comunica 2012 – Best audiovisual project
Project: “Flip!”
Role: Director / Editor / Post – producer / Screenwriter

El Comercio – Premios Luces – Best new tv show – 2013
Project: “Ceviche con sentimiento”
Role: Production team

Slam – People’s choice awards – 2015
Project: “Childhood day”
Role: Motion graphics designer

VFS – “Best motion project” – 2016
Project: “Poiesis”
Role: Motion Designer / Director

VFS – “Best designer in a supportive role” – 2016
Designer who helped teammates the most

GDCBC – Salazar award Best Motion Video – 2016
Project: “Foxy Matter”
Role: Motion Designer / Director